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Welcome to buy RS 2007 items

Now we are offering a great number of RS 2007 items for you. We can make sure you will save a lot of money when buying these products. For different items, the prices are also not the same. If you want to get your RS items more quickly, you have to make your char name online of public,then our trader will give u messaege in game.

Please note:

1. You acc must be a member.
2. Your acc information, Bank pin, Acc password and your thoughts write in the order notes if u buy fire cape.
3. For security of your acc, plz go to the LIVECHAT on our website if u want to know when your order will be done.

Remarks: We NEVER ask for the items back after we send it out in game! WATCH OUT for Imposters! Correct info is Required to ensure a promised order completion time!

Warm Suggestion: Because you will buy gold from different websites and they will all know your acc information. After finishing your order, we recommend you changing a new password. IF you want to know the information about your order or any question. Please feel free to contact with us. We will service you 24/7.

Infernal cape
(Needed:Twisted bow,Kodai wand,Armadyl set)
07 Fire Cape
(70 ranged, 40 def)
07 Fire Cape
(70 ranged, 1 def)
07 Fire Cape
(60 ranged,40 def)
07 Fire Cape
(60 ranged, 1 def)
07 Fire Cape
(50 ranged, 40 def)
07 Fire Cape
(50 ranged, 1 def)
Brimstone ring$4.33
Hydra's claw$52.96
Dragon hunter lance$63.80
Viggora's chainmace (u)$2.96
Craw's bow (u)$10.89
Blade of saeldor (inactive)$72.84
Ghrazi Rapier
Justiciar armour set
Sanguinesti staff (uncharged)$59.03
Avernic defender hilt$60.51
Scythe of Vitur (uncharged)$1988.88
Dragonfire Ward$23.67
Dragon platebody
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