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Beneath Cursed Sands

Required Quests and Skills:

1. Contact!

2. Prince Ali Rescue

3. Icthlarin's Little Helper

4. Gertrude's Cat

5. 85+ CB Lvl

6. 62 Agility (not boostable)

7. 55 Crafting (not boostable)

8. 55 Firemaking (not boostable)

Quest rewards:

2 Quest points

20,000 Agility experience

Access to the Tombs of Amascut

A Keris partisan

The ability to upgrade the Keris to the Keris partisan

The circlet of water, an untradeable helm that acts like a waterskin when worn

Access to a fairy ring on a small island south-west of Necropolis, code akp. (Unlocked when entering Necropolis during beginning of the quest.)

Jaltevas teleport option on the Pharaoh's sceptre. (Unlocked by selecting Commune on an obelisk in the Necropolis area.)

$16.99  $8.99  Time:2hours

We have various equipment sets here. Since all combinations are affordable, you can pick up any one you like.

07 Fire Cape
07 Fire Cape


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