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recommended product

Monkey Madness II Package

Package includes:

Monkey Madness II

-Enlightened Journey

-The Eyes of Glouphrie

-Recipe for Disaster (Freeing King Awowogei)

-- Monkey Madness I

--- The Grand Tree

--- Tree Gnome Village

-Troll Stronghold

-- Death Plateau


Skills rquirement:

20 Quest points

69 Slayer ,70 Crafting,60 Hunter,55 Agility,55 Thieving

20 Firemaking ,30 Farming ,5 Construction,46 Magic ,70 Cooking,14 Herblore, 40 Mining

It is beneficial to have a high Combat and Agility level.

The ability to defeat a level 195 Jungle Demon

Quest rewards:

20 Quest points

A crystal saw seed

The ability to communicate with monkeys without the monkeyspeak amulet.

Access to the ogre city; the God Wars Dungeon;the Culinaromancer's Chest;the balloon transport system

$49.99  $34.99  Time:18Hours

We have various equipment sets here. Since all combinations are affordable, you can pick up any one you like.

07 Fire Cape
07 Fire Cape


Dear friend,please don't give your goods to anyone after you receive it.Because fraudulent activities are taking place frequently and increasingly in game now.We never and won't ask you to give the goods back after trading! To protect your order security, please don't give your private information to anyone in game either!Be careful!

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