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Thanks for cusstomers supports and love these years,we hereby creat an acctivity-exchange points fo gifts.For better belief,support and attention to our website,so we want to bring you more discount and free.
Activity Content:From Nov.1th,if you cost $1 in our website,you can get 2points.When your points are accumulated the determinate amount,then you can come to "Ponts Exchange"to convert gifts what you want.
Activity rules:When you convert gifts,you must make it clear that what acc will get the gifts(Please give the acc name,acc password and bank pin.)and this accounts must be member account.
Warm suggestion:When we working the gifts for you,please don't change your password.If you have any question,you can contact with our Live Chat.If when we are working for your gifts and you change your password once,then this gift will be invalid and not continue.
Remarked:If you have any good require for gifts,you can E-mail to

various Equipment Set.Since all combinations are affordable,You can pick up any one you...

Fighter torso
Price: $17.77
Fire cape
Price: $$17.77
Rs Special (Equ) Dragon full helm
Price: $$29.99
Rs Special (Equ) Dragon claws
Price: $30.99
Rs Special (Equ) Green h'ween mask
Price: $$77.77
Rs Special (Equ)Abyssal whip
Price: $$57.77
Barrows gloves
Price: $$42.22

Barrows gloves
Price: $$42.22